Our purpose is to nurture fulfilling connections and spark creative possibilities.


Our vision is to cultivate the most conducive environments for transformative healing and increase human capacity to create the extraordinary.


Our mission is to help people regain perspective and focus on appreciating what really matters in our world, renewing their intuitive sense of purpose and inspiring positive change.
By providing holistic ecotherapy experiences to restore calm, reinvigorate health and reconnect our spirit to extraordinary surroundings, we spark a sense of wonder and unlock the abundance of creativity in our human nature.

Jaiyen Eco Resort: Re-learning harmony

The opportunity

Every human generation inherits its distinct challenges.  Overcoming environmental threats, famine, war, and disease are often trademarked plights of the past, despite lingering around today. They are ‘plights of the past’ according to when there weren’t any solutions, but now, the solutions lay at our fingertips and in our hearts.

Unlike our predecessors, our challenge is not one of domination, conquering or pioneering. It is to re-learn the harmony that was once inherent to the flourishing of human life.

Prior to ‘civilized’ society and law, connectivity to one another and to nature guided our first ancestors through the challenges of their time. As with any early civilization, violence among tribes reared its head, but they lived in relative harmony because they had to. Earth provided them with sustenance, and they respected it as such. Kinship was necessary for survival, so they lived in reverence and contributed to their tribes or villages.

It is no surprise what a great challenge returning to such a way of life is for a current civilization habituated, over millennia, to a domineering approach. In the face of our crises, many of us continue to gaze outward, plan for the unknown, fantasizing of conquering the Moon or other planets, when simply remembering our instincts for Earthly respect and community-mindedness is a tactic already proven toward prosperity.

For the most seamless transition venturing into the unknown commercial tech-era, a mandatory balancing act is involved: it is vital to simultaneously re-connect to our sense of humanity, recall our natural reverence for the planet, and remember that all solutions to our challenges must be rooted in love.

The problem solvers

Creatives, truth-seekers, innovators, entrepreneurs, game-changers, explorers of the self and nature, researchers, scientists, professors, independent artists, writers, musicians, journalists, architects… Anyone who settles for no less than truth and equanimity, justice and self-empowerment, with the purpose of contributing to the collective whole in mind: no-one but you hold more value to impact change.

Imagine the synergy of these minds in a relaxed and informal, yet stimulating and inspiring setting. Imagine being one of these minds, contributing your voice, or knowledge, skills and time to a community of the like-minded; learning and teaching, receiving and giving, inspired and inspiring. A collective community kickstarting the changes we want to see, beginning with the only thing we can directly change, ourselves.

A solution

Located on the humble, blissfully slow-paced Thai island of Koh Yao Noi is one of the first spaces of this kind being offered to our era’s independent leaders and creators.

Nestled between a vibrant jungle and tropic beach, Jaiyen Eco Resort is the first of many spaces created by Artisia, a global initiative for those interested in playing an active part in steering our world to harmony.

Jaiyen offers a multitude of experiences aside from the recalibration and relaxation provided by resorts, with the purpose of helping guests reconnect meaningfully with themselves, humanity and nature, in order to remain inspired to continue actualizing their purpose as gifts to the world.

Through a variety of physical, mental and intellectual programs and workshops, combined with unconventionally personalized service, and a deep acknowledgment of the cultural implications of the community, Jaiyen is a ‘resort’ at its minimum. It is, more importantly, a space facilitating personal and collective growth, a place for which a one-word title has yet to exist in today’s mainstream.

Community-mindedness, generosity, and openness form the heart of Jaiyen, very much reflecting the principles demonstrated by the strong bond of the surrounding Thai-Muslim communities.

Honoring Culture

Jaiyen and all of the future Artisia locations honor the historical events, economies, people and lifestyles which allowed the way to its conception.

Guests at any of the Artisia locations may learn from insightful cultural programs, created with the guidance of research experts and locals, communicated in engaging media and artifacts.

In remembering the harmonious way to live on a global scale, it is vital to support, appraise, celebrate and learn from those who are living harmoniously.

Honoring the Earth

Jaiyen honors the Earth and variety of all its inhabitants. This is built into the architecture of the location, with natural forms and cocoon-like rooms, constructed and decorated with bamboo, wood and sustainable materials available from the land.

Meandering between the domes and on the scenic hill beyond is an impressive food garden boasting medicinal herbs, vegetables, fruits, spices and other incredible botanical specimens. Guests are able to learn the vital, yet accessible art of food-growing, plants’ life-spans, and even pick out ingredients to be prepared for their meals.

This is one way of using the space taken to give back, alongside recycling, waste management, and other environmental initiatives to protect and better the island’s natural wonders and wildlife, closer to an ideal state.

Honoring the Individual

Jaiyen honors one and all. Not solely as a ‘customer’ or ‘guest’; it honors every individual as a thinking, feeling, transforming, creative being who benefits from extra encouragement and care, as does every person.

A range of self-actualizing courses will be offered to help evolve the physical body, the mind and the ‘spirit’, alongside intentional service based in sincerity and genuine interest in each person who grants the gift of their participation in the community.

One of the surest ways to rejuvenate our desire to learn, to create, and to simply continue being our best selves, is in encounters with other creative beings. Community events, thought summits, performances, poetry, ceremonies, and music sharing are all various ways to honor and inspire one another.

Catalyzing what’s within

Labels and categories are human habits that are more often limiting than not. This innovative resort-style living model can be described as ‘new-age’, but it strongly yields to tradition. It acknowledges history to help drive positive future shifts; it isolates you from the distraction of civilization in order to form stronger community bonds and develop improvements that merge ancient intelligence with modern technology to redefine our inhabitance. It is a relaxing getaway that also challenges limits when people choose to allow it. Jaiyen does not succumb to distinctive labels; but nor do people, and nor should people.

Many of us hope to make a change in the world, and first, we must embody those changes in ourselves.

Jaiyen is Thai for “calm heart”, and every lasting change begins with that. It is possible to create change impulsively, but if inspiration derives from a fleeting sense of needing the change, the change will, of course, be fleeting as well. It’s a thin line between a change and a trend.

For the changes that last, call for resilience, and derive from the kind of inspiration that continues to unpack itself – that strengthens itself to no end – one always needs a little bit of Jaiyen.

Our core values provide a framework for our decisions, priorities and actions.

The values important to Jaiyen Eco Resort are:


We enjoy what we do with enthusiasm and dedicated passion. Our curiosity for unique experiences enables us to celebrate the unexpected and unusual with humour and whimsy, while staying committed to delivering high quality products and services.


We are in a constant endeavour of undoing blockages and chains that keep the individual and collective stuck in scarcity and lack mentality.  We recognize each other’s efforts and support their freedom to experience the ancient intelligence inherent in our planet.


We embrace and treat people with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognising the value of diversity and individual contribution to allow for a safe and expansive environment for collaboration.


We carry an attitude of gratitude for all opportunities to learn, accept or change in the pursuit of improvement.


We care for our people and planet, holding each other accountable to sustainable principles and responsible actions while improving our environment with social and economic impact.


We are dedicated to exceeding expectations of our guests, anticipating their needs and honoring commitments that we have made to them, maintaining excellence in upholding the highest standards in service and hospitality.


We strive to co-create with the communities where we work and live, building lasting relationships to extend happiness and openness in trusting pursuit of a common purpose for the benefit of all.