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Cocoons from ฿2,400 /night.
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Spark creative possibilities in a haven of spacious cocoons built in partnership with the wonder of nature.

Jaiyen is a creative home away from home, built to refresh your mind, recharge your body, and renew your spirit.

Life can be overwhelming and hinder access to our creative human nature, personal or relationship growth, and professional development. We aim to provide a harmonious environment for people to find their inner stillness and ignite their creative powers.

Situated on the tropical island of Koh Yao Noi, Thailand, we are committed to nurturing connections to ourselves, our community, and our environment as a way to increase joy.

Jai yen‘—Thai for ‘calm heart’—is a heart characterized by composure and patience. With this ethos, we hope to restore your holistic sense of fulfillment by providing nourishing plant-based cuisine, healthy outlets that spark creative freedom, and resources that empower more self-awareness, compassion, and purposeful productivity in natural surroundings.

This was filmed in 2019, just a few months before we opened our home to the public.  We were extremely grateful to have our friend Leanne Melody capture the first inklings of the possibilities that await those who venture to our little island and open themselves up to discovering something new. As an uber-creator herself, it was highly rewarding to see Leanne reignite her creative spark and make the most of her time here.

Thank you @leannemelody_ ❤️

Travel vlogger Chris Lau reached out to us in late 2019 and we were grateful to have him include us in his travels across Thailand, along with his friends Cam & Kelsey.  Chris & co lived the island life while creating content to share to their audience. We were glad to have been able to offer them a place to rest in between their hectic schedule, while still providing the space and equipment they needed to continue producing their art.

Thank you @seelautravel  and @camandkels 🙌

Super creators Azrya Cohen & Adrian Brown reached out in late 2018 while we were still constructing and came to visit us as part of the larger vision for Jaiyen, the Artisia project. Jaiyen is the first creation in the Artisia global collection, which aims to create safe spaces for visionaries and change makers to incubate the blueprints for the future of humanity. if you would like to support this movement, please visit Artisia.

Thank you @iazrya and @adrianbrownbox 🙏

Seaview Cocoons

Emerge refreshed and renewed from one of our Seaview Cocoons. With clear views of the ocean to experience the most amazing sunsets, our unique bamboo cocoons provide the ultimate creative getaway with barefoot luxury. Our signature rooms offer quiet privacy with open space planning to give you the freedom to relax and be creative.

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Our plant-based menu serves healthy, organic food guaranteed to satisfy your culinary taste and fuel your body to increase your creativity. We can also organize customized meal plans to suit your goals.

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Creative Tools

Painter? Sculptor? Musician? Coder? Illustrator? Songwriter? 3D Artist? Maker? Whatever your creative outlet is, we have specialised tools and workspaces to enable you to make your ideas into reality—right in the comfort of your own room or in collaboration with others.


What do you need to be creative?

Island Adventures

Island Hopping, Kayaking, Stand-up Paddleboarding, Snorkelling, Open Water Cliff-Diving, Nature Walks, Games, Local Arts & Handicrafts… There’s no shortage of recreational activities for you to enjoy socially, or explore on your own to get closer to nature and the local Thai culture.

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